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John Hamey

John is both a lawyer and a mediator. Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) are a long-standing interest: in 1995 with three others John set up Adroit Dispute Resolution Limited.
John Hamey John Hamey
As a lawyer John now specialises in two distinct, but overlapping, areas.  One part of his practice focusses on personal injury, clinical negligence and mental health; the other on contentious probate and the Court of Protection.  What links these two areas is, of course, the need to come to grips with often complex medical and psychological questions; thirty years' experience make this one of John's core skills.  In addition he has a costs practice, which means he is very much alive to an issue that can make or break a case in any of the other fields in which he practises.

John's interest in costs also makes him a relentless advocate for the benefits of mediation.  He believes that mediation should play a central role in all his practice areas, but above all in clinical negligence, contentious probate and best-interests cases in the Court of Protection.

In the past John's practice has been extremely varied. To an extent perhaps unusual at today's more specialist Bar, in helping parties to sort out their dispute he can draw on very wide past experience across areas as diverse as fraud, serious crime, financial services, contract and commercial, land and property, family finance and public and private law children cases.  Experience in general practice (handling witnesses in a ten- or twelve-day Crown Court prosecution, for example, or dealing with an old-fashioned courtroom ambush) gives an advocate or mediator important skills not easily acquired in today's paper-based litigation.
I had to find remote counsel for a costs hearing recently. I am delighted that Google led me to EA Law Chambers. The clerks were fast and friendly, directing me towards the right barrister for the job. Mr John Hamey certainly knows his costs inside out. He more or less wrote the script for the assessing officer’s decision in his helpful advice. I sent him a mess of a situation to deal with at short notice and got the best outcome I could have hoped for. He is friendly and approachable; shame I did not get to meet him in person.
Caroline Moore - Medical Solicitors
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