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Juliet Donovan

Juliet is a Criminal Barrister, who, defends and prosecutes a broad spectrum of crime; in particular, Juliet specialises in all serious sex crimes, assault, burglary, all kinds of fraud, drug supply and importation and firearms. Juliet is a qualified mediator for East Anglian Chambers and works in cases involving young adults and children. She also accepts instructions direct from the public on a direct access basis.
Juliet Donovan Juliet Donovan
Juliet is a Grade 3 Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”) and is on the CPS Rape Panel.  Further, Juliet is on the Attorney General’s list, and thus formerly prosecuted for the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office and the DWP and continues to prosecute for those bodies now that have merged with the CPS.

Juliet has successfully represented soldiers at Court Martial Hearings and is keen to accept all kinds of work on behalf of Her Majesty's armed forces.

Juliet was awarded a Pegasus scholarship in 2006 as an intern at a legal aid office in Manhattan where she gained valuable insight into how a fused profession might look.   Juliet became a qualified mediator in September 2011 and is specialising in youth issues and is a qualified restorative justice facilitator.  As a great believer in right being done for all parties, Juliet is passionate about creating win-win situations for all parties in all areas of law. 

R v S [2012] -  Mr. S had been convicted on a charge of Sexual Assault.  His conviction was quashed in the Court of Appeal after 7 hour 13 minutes of deliberation by the Jury.  The Crown, in error, had submitted evidence of part of the interview in which the defendant stated that he had taken cocaine.  This evidence was inadmissible.  The trial judge denied a discharge of the jury.  The error and its potential effect on the jury and the defendant's right to a fair trial was pointed out to the Court of Appeal, which stated that the effect of the error could NOT be rectified by the trial judge simply asking them to put the inadmissible evidence out of their minds.

R v Evernden [2017] 14 Military Courts Catterick - Mr Evernden was accused of sexually abusing his step sons in 1986.  This included 14 counts of sexual assault and buggery.  Mr Evenden was acquitted by the Board in under an hour.  Ms Donovan’s client called her a supreme advocate.

 R v W [2010] - The Defendant was charged with 16 Counts of Sexual Assault and 1 Count of Attempted Rape on 4 of his step grandchildren, aged 11 - 13.  The Defendant was acquitted of 10 counts, with a hung jury on the other 7.  There was no retrial.

 R v [2009] - The Defendant was charged with 6 Counts of Sexual Assault, 1 count of sexual intercourse with a child under 16 on one victim, and 3 rapes on another victim (his niece), indecent exposure and making a child watch pornography.  After 9 hours the jury was hung.  On the retrial the Defendant was acquitted of 3 rapes but found guilty on 9 other offences and received 5 years

 R v Kitchen [2011]- The Defendant was charged with 4 sexual assaults on his 8 year-old step granddaughter.  He was found not guilty on 2 counts and guilty on 2 counts.

BA Honours (Oxford Brookes)

“Magnificent” -  “A true advocate” - “Strong and Robust” - “A cut above the rest” - “Thorough” - “Sees the big picture and gets straight to the heart of cases”
A cut above the rest...
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