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Care Home Funding

If you or a family member is receiving care in a nursing or care home, you may be eligible for funding for the accommodation from the NHS, either due to a continuing health care need or as a funded care home placement.
Within Care Home Funding, it is often the case that people are either wrongly assessed as to their eligibility for NHS continuing health care or not assessed at all. It may be possible for a client to seek funding to pay for care home fees if their primary need is deemed to be a “health need” under the National Health Service Act 2006 (as amended), regardless of their personal wealth. Appeals can be made by those currently requiring such care or on behalf of the estate of a care home resident retrospectively up to 1 April 2012.
Our barristers have experience in assisting applicants who have a complex combination of clinical (whether relating to their physical or mental health) and personal needs. However, it is important that the health need is not simply incidental to their accommodation requirements, as this falls into a different category of means tested funding by social services provided by local authorities.
East Anglian Chambers can assist with preparation of often voluminous medical notes and care home documentation to present to an appeal panel as well as provide representation on the day.

To talk to a barrister about your care home funding case, please call our clerking team on 01473 214481 who will fit you to the barrister most suited for your case.
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