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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is any consensual means of settling a dispute without the expense, delay and uncertainty of Court proceedings. It is widely required as part of any Court process.
"...I regard mediators with limitless admiration for what they achieve, a large measure of incomprehension at the magic they use to achieve their results, and a determination to do what I can to see that mediation continues its inexorable course to being the primary rather than merely alternative means for the resolution of civil disputes."
Briggs LJ : Keynote speech for CIARB : Mediation and the Civil Courts (Sep 2016)

Civil practitioners at EA Law - East Anglian Chambers, with many years' experience, have acquired and practise the very different advocacy skills involved in representing parties at ADR, and in particular the mediation process, thus helping to problem-solve and achieve more constructive outcomes for their clients.

In addition, four members of chambers (see team members below) are currently trained, accredited and experienced in acting as commercial or general (not family) mediators.

EA Law - East Anglian Chambers can also provide skilled and experienced practitioners, some also qualified as arbitrators or who sit as part-time judges in the courts and tribunals, who may be able to assist as appropriate neutrals for the purposes of :
  • conducting private arbitrations, whether on paper or at a hearing
  • early neutral evaluation of the merits of rival parties’ cases
  • providing a binding or non-binding opinion on family finance disputes, or
  • expert determination (i.e. reaching a binding decision as an expert, and not under the provisions of the Arbitration Act).

Please call us now on 01473 214481 and speak to a member of the clerking team for further advice and assistance.  In certain circumstances, if the parties prefer or cannot do so themselves, we can provide or recommend suitable convenient accommodation for mediations, etc.