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Court Martial

Being charged with a military law offence can be particularly tough for both you and your family. In order to relieve some of the strain and be in with the best possible chance of a successful outcome, you need to opt for an experienced and dedicated barrister to support you and your family through the trial.
The Court Martial is a military hearing that deals with breaches of discipline which are too severe for the commanding officer and subordinate commander to deal with. You can expect to see a judge advocate and a Board (similar to a jury), of between three and seven members (which consists of officers and warrant officers). The verdict is decided by a majority verdict from the Board of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’.
Maximum punishments for Court Martial hearings include: a maximum imprisonment within a civilian prison for a particularly severe offence; a two year maximum detention at The Military Corrective Training Centre; dismissal from the Armed Services and an unlimited fine. 
Legal Aid Funding
You may be entitled to legal aid funding for your military law case by the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority. We can advise you about this.

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