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Driving Without Insurance

Driving without insurance is treated very seriously in the Magistrates Court because of the potential implications if you were to crash when uninsured. At EA Law – East Anglian Chambers we can help you.
Unfortunately, to be caught driving without insurance under the mistaken belief that you were insured at the time of the alleged offence is not a defence!
Having no insurance is a strict liability offence, however you may have a defence if, for example, it was the responsibility of your employer to insure you, and you genuinely believed that there was proper insurance in place at the time of the offence. You may also be able to establish what is considered Special Reasons – if you have been misled by your insurance company or somebody else as to the nature of the cover in place.
Driving without insurance carries a hefty penalty of 6 to 8 penalty points, a potential for a discretionary ban and fine of up to £5,000. Be aware that the penalties are affected by the seriousness of the offence and your financial circumstances.
Call EA Law - East Anglian Chambers today to discuss a driving without insurance offence and if, in the event a defence is available, we will advise you of the action we will take in order to pursue this to a favourable outcome for you.
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