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Child Contact

Child contact is sometimes known as ‘access’. It covers disputes between a resident and non-resident parent about how much time their children spend with the absent parent and the circumstances in which they may enjoy each other’s company.
Our family law team can help with Child Contact and 'access' even before proceedings are issued. We can advise about which application should be made to the courts depending upon what is in dispute. Are you agreed about with whom the children should live? How much time should be spent with the other parent?

Once an application is made CAFCASS will become involved. Its duty is to advise the court about welfare issues. In more complex cases the court will ask for a detailed report and may make the children themselves parties and allow them separate legal representation.

Our barristers handle cases where one parent has sought the court’s permission to move away with the children. Either to a different part of this country or abroad.

Members of the EA Law - East Anglian Chambers team have been involved in the whole range of possible cases including the most complex, those where there has been a complete breakdown between parents, where the resident parent is opposed to any contact and where allegations of abuse have been made. We deal with cases sensitively, mindful just how important each matter is to every parent and child involved.

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