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Trusts of Land & Co-Ownership

The members of EA Law - East Anglian Chambers have a great amount of experience in advising and representing clients involved in sitatutions that involve acrimonious co-ownership and trusts of land.
Trusts of Land and Co-Ownership will often involve issues arising under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 ("ToLATA") and are often the consequence of relationship breakdown between partners or family members.

Disputes and claims under ToLATA arise in number of different forms including:
  • where joint owners of land are arguing about the size of their respective beneficial shares
  • where one person claims an interest in a property held in the other's sole name, but which they may have occupied together for years, or
  • where a third party, often a family member, claims a beneficial interest by proprietary estoppel or by way of constructive trust.

Our ToLATA team members have great experience in this area, regularly advising and acting for parties involved in such disputes. To talk to a barrister at EA Law - East Anglian Chambers about any Trusts of Land and Co-Owernship disputes, please call 01473 214481 to talk to one of our Clerking team who will find the most suited barrister for your case.