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Agricultural Land & Housing

Agricultural holdings, farm business tenancies and housing for agricultural workers are all subject to particular statutory regulation and control. Members of the team have experience in advising both landowners and tenants in these areas.
Tenancies of farm land and housing and the occupation of grazing land can in many cases be affected by statutory controls and give rise to a number of potential traps for the unwary.
Members of our property law team have experience in advising farmers and their tenants on issues that arise under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 or the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995.  Disputes commonly arising relate to qualification under the respective Acts, including; grazing agreements, notices to quit and grounds for possession, breaches of covenant, disrepair and rules of good husbandry and estate management, succession and compensation.
We also have experience of advising clients in relation to agricultural employees and their occupation of residential accommodation and any implications for security of tenure either as Rent Act protected tenants, assured tenants, or assured agricultural occupancies under the Housing Act 1988, or in some cases security of tenure granted by the Rent (Agriculture) Act 1976.

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